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Welcome to Screencastify. This is an amazing screen recorder tool which functions as a chrome extension. It is very accessible and easy to use and highly recommended for anyone beginning or even at a moderate level with their screen recording skill and in the online marketing journey. I'll highlight several main uses of Screencastify and the features that I love most and I'll also share with you two challenges that I've had with it. And I'll let you in on the screen recording tool that I'm actually using to record this video. So Screencastify Review, here we go.

The Screencastify Home Page

As a chrome extension, you can actually see in this icon here in your browser bar, and after you click the icon, and then a very nice and clean recording box comes up. You can choose to record this browser tab, the entire desktop, only the Webcam. You can toggle the microphone on or off and then select which microphone you'd like audio to be recorded from. I'm using the blue icicle in this instance. Then you can also record your Webcam or dis disable it and choose its location. So there are quite a few uh, quick select options I like and then you can be recording in seconds. I really appreciate that, that ease and the simplicity of the user interface here. So you'll get a three, two, one countdown and then your recording will begin and you can control it here via the icon as you're going for pricing. Screencastify is $24 a month for the premium level. It is free at the regular level. I chose to use the premium level, have a few nicer sharing tools and functionalities and removes any branding elements.

Screencastify Chrome Extension Review Video

This app functions really works well at the free level, and that's how I used it in the beginning for a year. So if you're starting out, I definitely recommend using Screencastify at the beginner level. You'll see on my account page that I'm actually not renewing my yearly subscription this year because I am using a different screen recording tool which I'll share at the end of this video. Screencastify has a bevy of features highlighted for school or educational use and then work and professional world use cases as well. Certainly, I do feel like this would be really nice for the classroom or for a student. A young person could definitely use Screencastify and it's integration with chrome is really powerful. Many good bullet points here. My favorite features are the
my recordings page, which shows all of the recordings that you've made. Screencastify does a great job of cataloging or listing out the screen recordings that you've made in a sequential order so that you truly do have a list of what you've previous recorded in, in a really easy to find and easy to review place.

Collect Your Screen Recordings

Your Screen Recording List In Screencastify

I feel like that your, our screen recordings could easily get lost in a void not with Screencastify. So here I am on the my recordings page and you can see us a visual thumbnail list of each video recording that I've made using Screencastify. And that may quite a lot because I've used this for several years. I communicate with clients this way. Sometimes the answering questions or giving updates, showing little tutorials, maybe if they have asked a question how to do this or that. Also I've made youtube training videos and other types of sales or promotional videos. This is what you can do with your screen recorder.

I really do enjoy the use of Screencastify so you can see there in my recordings page, which I love. Now this is the page that you would come to after a recording has finished. Your recording will auto play and I immediately hit pause so I don't have to listen to myself again. You should definitely integrate with Google drive, which will cause your completed videos to immediately upload to Google drive as a first step. That's something that Screencastify really desires to do. I recommend configuring Google drive because that's actually a second backup, an official backup for all your recordings and then you will have a link enabling quick copy and shares with the a appropriate access settings. Somebody could be watching your video via Google drive very, very quickly after production.

YouTube Upload & Integration

Concurrently you can choose to upload to youtube. And what I like is you can quickly choose your channel. If you are doing client work or managing multiple channels, you can choose what's channeled to upload to in a very, very simple way. It is important to know that if you upload to Youtube via a screen recorder like Screencastify, you will need to go and manually to youtube and enter in Metadata, title tags, description, et cetera for your video. Because any youtube default settings that you have in place will not come into play because of the upload via the screen recorder. There you go. Right now you can get your youtube share link and quickly be sharing on youtube. I wish screen gasify had some editing features. In fact, that's one of the reasons why I have relocated my screen recording activity to a new tool called Fillmore Wondershare, which I'm using at this very moment.

It essentially does all of these same features, and then it dumps the video into a simple, but decently robust film editor. So I can add an intro and outro track, plus some screen annotations, minor transitions and then upload to youtube. So here, back on the Screencastify post video recording page, you can choose to save your recording to a disc either as a .Gif with no audio or as an MP4, with complete video and audio for editing or use elsewhere. As a bonus aid, you can export the audio, which is a relatively new feature and so you can jump start a podcast episode or an Audio file or any other type of audio presentation masterclass that you might like to do. So Screencastify is very easy to use and it is a great tool. I would recommend it for beginning users, moderate users, anyone who's not really planning on doing much editing, as you may not like having to leave Screencastify by exporting the MP4 into another editing suite to process your video.

YouTube Tutorial Videos

Screencastify Uploading & Sharing Screen

I like keeping my tutorial video inside this web app to do editing and then going and quickly uploading to YouTube that way. So the pricing is $24 a month for the premium and I decided not to do it this year. My other challenge with Screencastify was that I had a degree of conflict between the Screencastify chrome extension and other chrome extensions which I worked with. The support was responsive, yet it remained a fairly complex issue. They may have honestly fixed some, some bugging and improve the setup for, haven't had the issue in a while, but it was, I, I was unable to record a video, um, with Screencastify because of this conflict, uh, this chrome extension conflict. And so I wasn't able to use it and I ended up migrating away and found something that ultimately worked slightly better for me. But I really recommend Screencastify as a great starting place. It got me making videos on a regular basis, with the ease of it all right there in the in my chrome bar. And I really do highly recommend it. It's free. Filmora Wondershare Scrn has a small one time purchase price. So thanks so much. If you have questions about Screencastify leave me a comment and I would definitely appreciate a subscription to the platform shop where we develop tips, tricks, and tactics for digital marketers. Thanks so much. God bless you!

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