MissingLettr Review: Compound Your Content Marketing With Automatic Social Campaigns From Your Published Posts

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Let's take a look at MissingLettr (creatively spelled), a blogger or content marketers dream because it takes a published blog post and quickly creates social media images and then pre-schedules those images via a lined out a timeline to be published on your social accounts over a year course. This single tool ensures that you'll continually and methodically promote your blog posts or your published content over time in a way that drives traffic back to your website. In short, MissingLettr is a fantastic tool. I came across it via an Appsumo deal, which I know they still do occasionally, so you might check on current deal availability. The tagline is, "grow your blog the right way." And you'll find clever social campaigns, analytics and engagement tools for content marketers & companies looking to do more online. For the record, I have greatly enjoyed using this tool and I'll show you details from my account and show you the clear pricing tiers all with with a free trial.

MissingLettr Pricing Tier Image

There are three different levels as normal for many marketing apps. In my business, I'm using the business plan. The individual plan is $27 a month, and that'd would be perfect for a blogger or somebody that works on a single website or a single online platform. I'm using the business site because I use MissingLettr on several client projects and personal projects. So inside my account, I am able to toggle between my different dashboards and maintain accounts that are related to each one of those clients or personal sites. And so at any given time, I've got a handful of campaigns (the term ML uses for all the social posting in promotion of one published blog post) going on and new posts that are being published. Watching the "content machine" churning is really amazing, consider the amplified reach and positive social signals for your content. What I love about MissingLettr is the way that the social campaign is teed up instantly, with no effort required on your part. The designers have strategically work to make this operation as DFY (Done For You) as possible.

MissingLettr Social Campaign Scheduling Screen

This is getting good people, now this is how it works > after you publish a blog post (I'm talking seconds later), you will immediately receive an email from MissingLettr saying, "Hey, we see you published a new blog post." This notification includes a link back to your account dashboard where you can click to finalize your smart social campaign. MissingLettr will automatically generate a completely lined out a campaign, creating social images, lining out social status text, which you can edit or quickly copy to use so that you can have a whole year's worth of promotion related to that single post.

Schedule Social Promotion of Your Blog Posts In Minutes

One of your published posts can be scheduled in a matter of minutes, 5-10 once you have walked through the process a handful of times. So I love the way it lines it up for you. But it does allow you critical opportunity to customize and fine tune your social posts schedule and messaging so that you are proud of what you send out to the world. Areas of customization including toggling between tied up images, gently adjusting the text and altering the frequency or remove a social post altogether. If you feel like the social campaign may be a bit too frequent for this particular post, you can remove a few of the junctures and so create wider gaps between posts about this particular or that particular blog post.

MissingLettr Home Page

Missing letter has a lot of cool information. The team produces a blog, showing that they stay on top of what's working in content marketing and what's what's meaningful for you to integrate into your efforts as a valuable resource. I love diving into the resources and training of the products that I use, especially when I can tell that their founders and editorial teams are very active and legitimately have their head in the game with SEO, content marketing, online media marketing, etc. On another note, this is the upcoming feature roadmap. What's cool is that they're continually working to upgrade MissingLettr. Currently, at the moment they're working on integrating Pinterest. Next they have plans to integrate Instagram. Currently ML interfaces with Facebook, Twitter, okay.

MissingLettr Roadmap

Adding Social Profiles In MissingLettr

MissingLettr Social Networks

Plugging back into my account. This is what a campaign looks like that's ready to be reviewed. You choose hashtags from the automatically generated a list or choose some yourself. So right now I'm scanning through a campaign and I'm going to check to see what social accounts I have set up with this particular client. So in order to publish, I've I need to paste in the suggested copy or type my own and then I save the changes and then this post will comply with Facebook's terms and service. So right now I'm only posting to Facebook with this particular account. Again, here's the list of social accounts that are currently available, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. And as I mentioned, they are actively working at ad Pinterest and Instagram coming soon. Currently they only support static images, but there are also plans to integrate audio and visual content as well. So I have seen this particular product advance and grow and I can attest that this is an active and a ambitious company and I appreciate what they've done to continually improve. These are some of the features on these are the automatic social campaigns. That's the brunt of what missing letter does. This is a good vehicle for mooning proof for promoting guest posts that you have that where someone has posted on your blog or where you have posted on someone else's blog. It gives you hashtag recommendations. It has nice content templates that are automatically populated for you. The scheduling is automatic.

Additional Features Of MissingLettr

By the way your blog posts can automatically syndicate to Medium. All you have to do is click a button and ML will post to your medium account. You can also set up client approvals and manage client work with their agency plan. Missing letter does allow the use or integration of custom URL shorteners. In fact, they have a proprietary URL shortener as well and they produce branded imagery which you can download and use in your own marketing efforts and really good ROI and analytics. So let's go back to this campaign I was working on. This is for one of my personal sites now and you can see a day zero a post for the onset of this social campaign. This is an automatically generated quote image. You can also see another quote from the actual post itself. I can choose to select a different quote.

MissingLettr Campaign Scheduling

Let's see sometimes if there must not be an image associated with that, this post, but it'll provide the image. And the featured image for example, is something that you can use. You can upload your own image. And then here are the hashtags. This is the link shortener there. This is day 7, day 14, day 30, day 90, day 180, day 270, day 365. And so this is a complete campaign and right now it is scheduled to go live to Twitter & Linkedin. And this is a fantastic way to really extend the life of and compound the power of your content marketing. All with no more than a 10 minute process once you are acclimated. Once you've done it a few times, immediately after you publish your blog posts and then guess what you get the campaign assets, you can download these social images with these quote graphics with your brand logo here and add quotes back into your post.

Creatively Utilizing Your Media Assets

So I actually add those generated image back into my blog posts or publish those on other social media networks that aren't currently covered by MissingLettr. Think about this, you're really doing some good multiplication and exponential work when you use a tool like this. Based on my experience, I recommend you give a serious consideration to ML for your content marketing plans. I've been using since 2016 and it's really become second nature to me. I wouldn't do online marketing without it.

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