How To Use Fptraffic To Grow Your Facebook Page(s)

Posted by on July 6, 2019 2:30 pm
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Today I’d like to introduce an amazing tool called FPtraffic. First, let me start by saying this is an extremely low price tool. A monthly plan runs at $10 a month and a yearly subscription gets the price down to approximately $8 a month. Now, I love saying that up front because the price, I often wonder what the pricing scheme is when I check out a new tool, and so I deliver that to you upfront. FPtraffic is an amazing tool because it allows you to give unprecedented life to your Facebook pages. You also can create, you might be inspired to create new Facebook pages for very specific niches or purposes and then run them almost entirely with FP traffic. So what does FPtraffic do?  Think of it as an add on or a companion to your Facebook pages? What it does is it allows you to very quickly find relevant pictures, posts, and memes from the interwebs and schedule and post those pictures, memes and posts to your Facebook page.

So you literally can have not only of course, schedule Posts and images to your Facebook page, you can find them within the tool, within FPtraffic. You can do searches for certain keywords or images that you’re looking for and then really rapidly schedule that out so you can take a very stagnant Facebook page. I’m sure if you’re like me, you’ve got some Facebook pages that you’ve kept up with in the past, but you’re no longer using and you, you, you have value there and you realize that it would be great to bring those back to life and revive them. And FPtraffic really makes it manageable, makes it realistic to keep a Facebook page spinning and humming on an ongoing basis with scheduled traffic, it allows you to recycle or reschedule traffic that you post that you’ve already scheduled. So it’s got the recycling feature.

It also has several other amazing features to it. It connects with Twitter so it can auto post your Twitter tweets. It also can connect with your WordPress blog and then automatically post to your Facebook page a new blog posts or a new update. So in many sense FP traffic could be a singular tool that that somebody, especially maybe somebody new or on a very micro budget for $10 a month, somebody could use this as an automator. And if, and if you continue listening, check this out. It actually can serve as a newsletter management tool and that FP traffic can provide a landing page right off your Facebook page where someone can subscribe to receive automatic updates. And then after doing so that that subscriber would receive a daily bulletin or a daily roundup of your pages, Facebook posts in a very automated way. So FPtraffic is posting to your Facebook page and a scheduled way.

It’s also posting to Twitter. It’s also posting your Twitter tweets and it’s publishing and promoting your WordPress blogs and creating roundup newsletters if you would like it to do so. So here’s the monetization page. You can see the monthly plans are $10 a month, no commitment, unsubscribing any time yearly plan gets down to under $10 a month. So pay $100 and effectively get two months free. FPtraffic does offer a two week trial, which is great. I’ve done myself. Here are the feature lists, unlimited Facebook pages. That’s a great FAQ. You can really go wild with your Facebook, a world domination plans, unlimited scheduled posts. So this is a very broad and open ended tool. They don’t have many throttles on usage. So you, once you’re, once you’re a user, once you’re a paid user, you can really go wild with, he can see page stats, it integrates with Twitter, it will post your promote your WordPress blog posts, you can mass upload photos. So it makes it easy to import a batch of memes or images that you already have. You, um, get some excellent page stats and information. So it even has a tool to create memes within a Effie traffic also. So FPtraffic is a very

under utilized, under a known tool that I really recommend to all sorts of bloggers, niche site builders. And honestly, it’s really great for small businesses that don’t have massive social media plans or followings. This is a really good way for a small business to grab a tool, manage this right alongside their, their blogging campaign, and, uh, and do something on social media because we all know part of the challenges for small businesses is just doing something that’s, that’s meaningful at all. So FPtraffic can really help your small business Facebook page and social media life, uh, take off. So thanks so much for listening to this tutorial. And if you’re interested in traffic flows from the mega-whale of online activity, Facebook! 

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